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Welcome to Indonesian Millionaire's Weblog.

The blog of Millionaire Indonesian was inspired by Millionaireasia Indonesia Magazine. This blog contains many kind issues about millionaire lifestyle, for example : profile, bussiness, management, travel, arts and culture etc.

Senin, 21 Januari 2013

The City Tower : Private Office Solution

The City Tower : Private Office Solution

The City Tower (TCT) is the newest ultimate state-of-the-office tower strategically and conveniently located on upscale Tamrin at the outskirt of Jakarta's Golden Triangle, the prominent address at the corner of the Central Business District with its easy acces through free 3-in-1 area and proximity to the Trans-Jakarta bus stop and train station.

The high-tech concept of intelligence office building was intoduced by PT. Kencana Graha Mandiri as the property developer. They have announced plans for the introduction of Indonesia's trully intelligent office buildings, which is a further step beyond the TCT. The building comprises 33 floors, divided into three zone; Ground Zone, Low Zone and High Zone.

According to this approach, intelligent smart office buildings use electronics extensively, and offer high-tech marvels like a fibre-optic backbone infrastructure for high-speed internet access, Wi-Fi network, and Video Conferencing.

"TCT is targeted to large scale company who has availability to o ccupied at least full floor of 1,600 sq m2 or company who has been currently staying surrounding CBD area." According to the building-level diagram, Ground Zone is designed for banking operational space has  confirm occupied by ICBC one of the largest bank in the world, the High Zone for office lease, and the top level for restaurants, and executive club for member only," Harry Gunawan, President Director of PT. Kencana Graha Mandiri, says.  

The building concept itself is considerd as the private office and second home for tenants, so, on every floor, the tower comes equipped with executive toilets and pantry, and equipped with high-speed executive elevators and VIP elevator.

This iconic tower will not only provide local and international companies with a landmark business address but further set to create office space that achieves new standars in the application of technological know-how. 

Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

The Future of World Architecture

The Future of World Architecture

There are ten strange and unique structures which have either been approved or are in the final stages for approval. Some have already been partially constructed.
1. Aqua, USA
2. Chicago Spire, USA
3. CCTV Headquarters, China
4. Regatta Hotel, Jakarta
5. Residence Antilia, India
6. Russia Tower, Russia
7. Penang Global City Centre, Malaysia
8. Gazprom Headquarters, Russia
9. Burj Dubai, Dubai
10. Ren Building, Shanghai
(Millonaireasia Indonesi, Issue 4, Volume 2, 2008)

Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Global Warming

Global Warming

Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation.

The latest news from the climate front isn't good. The Arctic ice cap melted this summer to the greatest extend on record. Scientists say oceans are loosing some ability to absorb atmosphric carbon dioxida, the chief industrial emission blamed for warming. And the world's power plant, factories, automobiles and jetliners are spewing carbon at a faster rate than anticipated.

Recent research shown that increase in the height of tropopause over the past two decades are directly linked to ozone depletion and increased greenhouse effect.

Earlier research showed that changes in the Earth's  surface temperature, ocean heat content, and Nothern Hemisphere sea ice cover ara other indicators of human effects on climate change.

Global Warming Effects
Greenhouse gases can stay in the atmosphere for an amount of years ranging from decades to hundreds and thousands of years. No matter what we do, global warming is going to have some effect on Earth. Here are the 5 deadliest effects of global warming.

1. Spread of disease
2. Warmer waters and more hurricanes

3. Increased probability and intensity of droughts and heat waves
4. Economic consequences
5. Polar ice caps melting
6. More floods
7. Fires and wildfires
8. Destructive storms
9. Death by smog
10. Desertification
11. Tsunamis
12. Cold Waves
13. Increased volcanic activity
14. More dangerous thunderstorms
15. Migration, conflict and wars
16. More outbreaks of deadly diseases
17. Loss of biodiversity and animal extinction
18. Death of ocean life
19. Animal attacks
20. Diminished food and water supplies

Government and power producers are projected to invest US$20 triliun in energy plant and infrastructure by 2030. Decisions made now to pursue so-called clean technologies instead of more polluting coal-powered facilities may help cut still rising atmospheric levels of greenhouse effect.

In terms of policies, governments of both developed and developing countries must focus on energy efficiency regulations such as bio-fuels and infrastructure.  

Source : 
Millionaireasia Indonesia. Issue 3, Volume 2, 2008

Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Raam Punjabi : Labour of Love

Raam Punjabi : Labour of Love

Raam Punjabi
As the atomic bomb changed the world, in a similar way the face of Indonesian television was change 20 years ago, when a young and charismatic Raam Punjabi entered the scene with a big bang, producing TV serial which set off a chain reaction of succes after success.

Raam is a true believer in luck and destiny. " Through courage, a strong determined will and sheer hardwork, we can all turn our circumstances around and succeded. Never lose focus of your goal" 

 At this plush penthous, a youthful looking Raam talks about the fascination which movies have held for him ever since he was a young boy, and he feel extremely lucky to have achieved this level of success. "Determination was all I had" he said. "And I believe that if we look for opportunities, we will find them everywhere."

In 1958 moved form Surabaya to Jakarta and started off his working career furst as a salesman and then, together with a friend, he ran a mail order company. But he never lost his desire to become part of the movie industry and was always alert, ready to jump at the first opportunity to start his journey. His patience paid off him in 1969, when he had a chance meeting with the right people. At that point in time he knew that this was his breakthrough to start doing what he loved the most. The rest is history and the birth of PT. Parkit Films came into existence. But Raam is quick to point out that "even though I have been lucky to carve this exclusive niche fo myself in this industry, nothing has been handed to me on a platter." He said "I've had to work hard and earn it and because of that the fruits of my labour are all the more sweeter". Raam is aa true believer of luck and destiny. The latter he believes can, Though courage, a strong determined will and sheer hard worker. 

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Raam works long hours and he assumes full responsibility and accountability and stays focused on this goal.

Under the banner if Parket Films, Raam spent a couple of years initially in America and produced 2 feature films : 'Jakarta' and 'Java Burn', which introduced Indonesia to the International film world. Upon his return from the USA in 1988, PT.Multivision was born and his focus changed to TV serials where he, till today is the undisputed king. 

Then and even today, Raam is excited at creating new business strategies and thrives on the process of achieving his goals. And then he aims for higher goal and strives to exert whatever influence he can to be the best in his chosen field. 

Raam however doesn't feel threatened by competition at all, although he acknowledges that in recent years there are other succesful people in this industry. "I have secured my position" he says with a smile. " Each one has their own ideas and goals and means of achieving those goals. I do it my way." One of Raam's lifetime goals is establishing a foundation which gives scholarships to students who are committed to making a future in the film and television industry it was realize in June 24, the day he lauched his autobiography. Yayasan Putra Jethmal is still in its incancy, but working towards stronger growth. In the long run, this foundation aums to provide schools for the needy as well, because Raam remembers how he had to struggle to fulfill his wishes and dreams. " I appreciate what I have been blessed with and as far as I can, I want to give back to society and make life easier for those in need." 

As a producer, Raam is involved in every aspect of the films, right from reading the scripts, generating his own ideas into them and then finding the right people to execute them. He approches and implements his visions with a winner's attitude and won't settle for anything but the best, according to him. "I dont get too influenced by what others are doing and their strategies" he explained." I compete only with my self. I still have many more goals in life that I aim to achieve and I prefer to take it gradually, otherwise I might experience a burn-out." 

Business for Raam is not this ultimate goal. He strives to achieve a balance in other areas such as family and good health, because "unltimately, what good is all that wealth and success if I cannot enjoy it due to poor health or other reasons. I also like to be able to contribute to society, impart my knowledge and enable other to success. I enjoy travelling and spending valueable time with those who are dear to me." 

Whether it be in business or other areas, Raam exhibits the same approach: self-control, confidence, awareness, realism and conceptual ability being on top of his strong characteristics. He runs a very structured organization and believes that the success he is enjoying today is attributable to the entire team that works for him. "The only thing I take full credit for is that I have set a good example and I am always on the lookout for the newer ways to inspire my employees." 

When asked for his plans for the future, Raam is currently producing his first movie in India and soon aims to make his mark in the US again. " Bollywood and Hollywood are my next targets," he laughs," and I am persistently reviewing all possibities, because my reputation goes before me, and I want to maintain my standard." 

Always calm and compose, Raam understands that a healthy body and a healthy mind are two important factors in today's fast-paced business world, in order to stay committed, stress-free and focused. " I make it a point to swim often and I practice yoga on almost a daily basis. Both of these activities relax and rejuvenate me along with spending time with close friends, and of course watching movies!" 

Raam finds satisfaction in the symbols of his success that are sometimes external to himself, because although he does feel pride when his efforts are praised and recognized, he is well aware that it's a team-effort and his strong humbled streak enables him to seek fact, data and guidance from beyond the source of his own expertise, if and when the need arises. 

He doesn't intend to slow just yet, in fact with his plans to venture overseas, there is a promise of bigger and brighter things in store. " As roses have thorns" seems to be his motto, and he wisely uses every stumbling block as a stepping stone to reach greater heights.


PT Parkit Film [1977]
PT Tripar Multivision Plus Pontianak (Multivision Plus Kalimantan Barat) [1978]
PT Rapi Film  [1981]
PT Kharisma Starvision Plus [1982]
PT Parkit Commercial Production [1983]
PT Inem Film [1986]
PT Kanta Indah Film [1987]
PT Virgo Putra Film [1987]
PT Tiga Cakra Film [1989]
Sarinande Films [1989]
PT Tripar Multivision Plus (Multivision Plus) [1990]
Trimulti Film [1997]

As producer
Special Silencers (1979)
Bodoh-bodoh mujur (1981)
Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters (1982) [4]
Kamp tawanan wanita (1983)
Itu bisa diatur (1984)
The Stabilizer (1986)
Pengantin baru (1986)
Pembalasan rambu (1986)
Java Burn (1988)
The Intruder (1989)
Kabut asmara (1994)
Panji manusia milenium (2001) (TV series)
Bidadari (2001) (TV series)
Kiss Kis Ko (2004)
Buruan cium gue! (2004)
Satu kecupan (2004)
Jatuh cinta lagi (2006)
Kuntilanak (2006)
Kangen (I Miss You) (2007)
Kuntilanak 2 (2007)
Pulau hantu (2007)
Kawin kontrak (2008)
Kuntilanak 3 (2008)
D.O. (Drop Out) (2008)
Pulau hantu 2 (2008)
Kawin kontrak lagi (2008)
MBA: Married by Accident (2008)
Kirun + Adul (2009)
Jamila dan Sang Presiden (2009)
Punk in Love (2009)
Nazar (2009)
Toilet 105 (2010)

As executive producer
Petualangan 100 Jam (2004)
Pesan dari surga (2006)

As writer
Perawan rimba (1983)
Kamp tawanan wanita (1983)

Source :MIllionaireasia Indonesia. Issues 2, Volume 1, 2007

Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Welcome to Indonesian Millionaire

Welcome to  Millionaire Indonesia 

The blog of Indonesia Millionaire  was inspired by Millionaireasia Indonesia Magazine. This blog contains many kind issues about millionaire lifestyle, for example : profile, bussiness, management, travel, arts & culture etc.